Dear Phone,

Its for the first time that I am writing a letter to you. I got you on 2 April,2019, the next day after my board exams were over. Your back shimmering red colour coupled with front black colour, makes you look perfect! Your camera lenses, your perfect body, your special features, makes me mad in love with you. Also the white notification light signalling I have received a message from a loved one makes me run towards you! Its been 4 months since I got you and I am still admiring your beauty and owe to do so in the future unlike the lovers of today.

Since I am over possessive about you, I have made you locked with my fingerprint, PIN and pattern. I don't like when someone else tries to flirt with you. But I love it when you very honestly and proudly say "Its Ruqayya's" whenever people try to establish relations with you. Your honesty is appreciable because in this era its hard to get an honest companion. I get panic attacks if you get even a slight scrat…